Data Files

Country Codes country codes and internet domain names according to the CIA 2020
Major Cities name, position, population (many unknown), and country of 23,000+ cities from all over the world: all major cities seem included 2010s
Metro GDP per Capita compares various cities from europe and north america; values are PPP-adjusted 2015
US Money Stock money supply of US dollars according to the Federal Reserve 1981–2020
US Money Velocity velocity of US money stock according to the Federal Reserve 1959–2020
US Zip Codes zip-code, name, state, location, and timezone for 43,000+ US places
Debt Crises sovereign debt crises from around the world (data for 1557–2020) 1950–2020
Largest Revenues the 50 companies with the largest revenues 2019
Commodity Prices price trends for various commodities in US dollars 1960–2020
Standard International Trade Classification Codes lookup table for SITC codes version 4 and their corresponding category names 2006
Movies info (title, year, cast, and genres) on 28,000+ movies, mostly american 1900–2018
Top Websites the top 100,000 websites 2019?
Prime Numbers the first 100,000 prime numbers; 1 per line, no header line